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The Last of Us Part 1, one of the most acclaimed games in The Last of Us video game series developed by Naughty Dog, was first published for Playstation and won over 200 video game awards in the period it was published. For The Last of Us Part 1 game, Sony officials have decided to broadcast on PC via Steam and Epic Games. The Last of Us Part I, first published on PS4 and PS5, came with the decision to broadcast on PC for 2023, while a TV series called The Last of Us was shot by HBO in 2023 and broadcast on HBOMAX. The Last of Us series also features a story adapted from the game and the characters in the game. Especially Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, the actors who acted the characters of Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us series, gave a very successful performance.

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The Last of Us Story

The Last of Us

The story of The Last of Us Part 1 game has a structure that tells the future of humanity, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that is devastated after the epidemic. With the loss of consciousness and control of an epidemic disease transmitted from fungi to humans, a struggle for survival begins in the world, and people become monsters. However, the danger is not limited to this, as states and systems are replaced by chaos, healthy people try to destroy and dominate each other, and the story takes place in a world full of dangers. Starring the characters of Joel and Ellie, this story is a road and journey story.

The Last of Us Part 1 Characters

The Last of Us
  • Joel – Troy Baker
  • Ellie – Ashley Johnson
  • Marlene – Merle Dandridge
  • Tess – Annie Wersching
  • Tommy – Jeffrey Pierce
  • Bill – W. Earl Brown
  • Sarah – Hana Hayes
  • Robert – Robin Atkin Downes
  • Maria – Ashley Scott
  • Henry – Brandon Scott
  • Sam – Nadji Jeter
  • David – Nolan North
  • James – Reuben Langdon

The Last of Us Gameplay

The Last of Us

The Last of Us game’s gameplay structure is presented to gamers with revolutionary innovations and an ultra-realistic gameplay experience. The map of The Last of Us game and the game structure with plenty of interaction, where you can progress without getting bored in the fantastic atmosphere of the game, allow you to spend time in the game for long periods. The game has been enriched with plenty of discoverable objects and successful fighting-action options in The Last of Us gameplay. At the same time, this experience has been brought to a status that proves the game is AAA with quality graphics.

The Last of Us TV Series

The Last of Us TV Series

The Last of Us series, shot by HBO, is almost the same as the story in the video game, and the structure of the characters is set the same. Although the characters in The Last of Us TV series caused a lot of controversy on social media platforms such as reddit and twitter, it was understood that the casting team had a successful performance after the first and second episodes of the series were published.

The Last of Us Cast (Series)

The Last of Us
  • Pedro Pascal – Joel
  • Bella Ramsey – Ellie
  • Gabriel Luna – Tommy
  • Anna Torv – Tess
  • Nick Offerman – Bill
  • Storm Reid – Riley
  • Ashley Johnson – Anna
  • John Hannah – Dr. Neuman

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