Thanks to the success of PAYDAY 2, which is played by millions of players and has a tight gamer fan base, the sequel of the game, PAYDAY 3, started to be developed by Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios, which developed PAYDAY 2 upon popular demand. PAYDAY 2 was basically developed with a first-person shooter and tactical shooter gameplay. Likewise, PAYDAY 3 is expected to be developed with these dynamics and foundations. PAYDAY 3 game, whose story and gameplay structure was developed as a game where players will make heists as a team with multiplayer modes, will also appear as a game where masks, robberies, weapons, successful team building, and the best first-person players will come together, just like PAYDAY 2. If it makes a successful debut like PAYDAY 2, it seems that it will be released by the film, which has developed dozens of DLC games for PAYDAY 3. In this way, PAYDAY takes its place among the first choices for gamers as a game that does not lose its popularity with a structure that is constantly up to date. PAYDAY 3 game is expected to be released on the same platforms as PAYDAY 2 by the players. PAYDAY 2 is currently playable on PC, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS 3 and PS4.
In the modes of the PAYDAY 3 game, you will be able to play single-player modes or multiplayer with your friends. PAYDAY 3 will tell a continuation of the story of the characters in PAYDAY 2, and the game will take place in New York City. Since PAYDAY 3 game is developed with Unreal Engine, it seems to come with a better gameplay structure and more details, and it is expected to come out with better quality graphics.


When is PAYDAY 3 coming out?

PAYDAY 3 will be out for sure in 2023. The studio that developed PAYDAY 3 announced that the game will be release in 2023, but they did not specify a definite date. Click for PAYDAY 3 Steam Wishlist. Click to browse the Bullet Score content, which includes other important games to be released in 2023.

Is PAYDAY 3 cross platform?

PAYDAY 3 is expected to be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X and S, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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