High on Life Review

The video game High on Life, a game set in the universe of Rick and Morty, an ultra-funny and original series that has millions of fans around the world and that pushes the limits of our brains more and more every day, is at least as original and successful as the Rick and Morty series. Although High on Life received negative reviews from gamers for not being released for PS4 and PS5, it is known that the game’s Rick and Morty fans’ excited anticipation was met very positively.
Contrary to expectations, the High on Life game was released on a very low number of platforms. High on Life is now playable on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox S/X. To play the game on PC, you can visit the High on Life Official Website and view the platforms where you can download the game.

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The voice actors in the voice cast of High on Life are as follows;

  • Justin Roiland – Kenny
  • Michael Cusack – Knifey
  • JB Smoove – Gus
  • Betsy Sodaro – Sweezy
  • Kevin McDonald – Dr. Giblets
  • Tim Robinson – Creature
  • Laura Silverman – Lizzie
  • Dave Herman – Gene
High on Life

Rick and Morty episodes, broadcast on Netflix and various streaming platforms and received high praise from critics, can now be actively watched on Netflix. New seasons of the Rick and Morty series are also broadcast on Netflix and can be watched online from Netflix.

High on Life
High on Life

High on Life Gameplay

The story of High on Life is based on a mysterious hero fighting an alien drug cartel. This mysterious and unnamed hero of High on Life is set up to save people from this drug cartel and fight against it.
In High on Life, you can see different gameplay structures with an originality you have never seen before. Especially with the talking weapons in High on Life, it feels really nice to fight. Although High on Life is a video game, it offers an experience as if you were watching a comedy series. Especially the ultra-funny jokes in the game provide a friendly and immersive game experience. The combat structure of the High on Life game may be a bit challenging at the beginning of the game, and this may depress you a bit. Still, as the game progresses, the fighting system will become more comfortable as you gain a better understanding of the weapons you gain and the gameplay structure.

High on Life
High on Life

Rick and Morty Cast

  • Justin Roiland – Morty Smith
  • Justin Roiland – Rick Sanchez
  • Sarah Chalke – Beth Smith
  • Spencer Grammer – Summer Smith
  • Chris Parnell – Jerry Smith
High on Life
High on Life

Rick and Morty Characters

  • Rick Sanchez
  • Morty Smith
  • Jerry Smith
  • Beth Smith
  • Jessica
  • Brad
  • Principal
  • Gene Vagina
  • Ethan
  • Mr. Meeseeks
  • King
  • Morty Jr.
  • Tophat Jones
High on Life release date

High on Life was released for Xbox and PC on December 13, 2022 and broke sales records as it was released.

How to play High on Life?

You can buy and play High on Life for PC via Epic Games and Steam, and the game is also available in the GamePass library.

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