Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rating

  • 7.8/10
    Bullet Score - 7.8/10


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8.5/10 (1 vote)
  • Release date – 26.10.2004
  • Developer – Rockstar Games
  • Published by – Rockstar Games
  • Platforms – PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC, Android, iOS
  • Game Engine – RenderWare
  • Game Mode – Singleplayer, Multiplayer
  • Game Genre – Action RPG

GTA San Andreas, which has become an icon in video game culture by Rockstar Games, is the most loved game by GTA fans and the most admired story GTA San Andreas; even though it has been a long time since its release, it still maintains its popularity and is one of the games that continues to be played by GTA lovers. GTA San Andreas was one of the top-selling games worldwide in the year it was released. GTA San Andreas provides an unforgettable game experience because the game’s story is generally liked and the characters are well constructed.
The most liked part of the GTA San Andreas game is that the cheats are very original and successfully integrated into the game. GTA San Andreas cheats can work on Xbox, Xbox One, PlayStation, pc, and android.

GTA San Andreas Gameplay

GTA San Andreas has a very successful open-world structure and artificial intelligence system compared to 2004, when it was published. Especially GTA San Andreas Chapter and Map have been developed very successfully. In GTA San Andreas, you can drive cars of different models and features, use weapons with other functions and powers, and create a unique character progression for yourself. GTA San Andreas’s story deals with a gang war and an illegal life. As the game progresses, the main character gets more robust, develops more, and becomes more known in the city.
The main reason why GTA San Andreas has a significant impact on the world is that it has an open-world structure, either in the story part or in a structure where the player can freely roam and play. In this way, the player can build his own story and experience the game as he wishes. With the GTA San Andreas Multiplayer mode, the game’s popularity has increased even more, and thanks to the Multiplayer patch, gamers can have a special Role Play experience in the GTA San Andreas game.

GTA San Andreas Characters

  • Carl Johnson
  • Big Smoke
  • Beverly Johnson
  • Sweet Johnson
  • Kendl Johnson
  • Ryder
  • Cesar Vialpando
  • Jose Vialpando
  • Frank Tenpenny
  • Jimmy Hernandez
  • Eddie Pulaski
  • OG Loc
  • Madd Dogg
  • Catalina
  • Wu Zi Mu
  • The Truth
  • Mike Toreno
  • T-Bone Mendez
  • Jizzy B
  • Ken Rosenberg
  • Kent Paul
  • Salvatore Leone

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