What Is Kratos Telling Us?

All players are familiar with the famous game character Kratos. The character of this God of War game is Kratos what could it be telling us? Let’s examine it together. Kratos has a problem with the gods and has godly problems that haunt him. Kratos has been in a constant struggle and fight since the first game was released. Could this god-killer and fearless man be telling us: Even if they are gods, someone has to stand up to them?
Those who have mastered the games of this series have noticed that Kratos interacts with gods from Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythology over time. Could it be that the gods that the screenwriters want to tell us all live in the same universe and that they were created by humans? And again they are destroyed by a human.
But could this be the only reason why this mortal man got into a fight like this?

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Let’s go into some more detail

What weapons did Kratos use in the God of War series?

– Blade of Chaos
– Blade of Artemis
– Gauntlet of Zeus
– Barbarian Hammer
– Spear of Destiny
– Blade of Olympus
– Claw of Hades
– Nemean Cestus
– Nemesis Whip
– Battle Axe

God of War Ragnarok

He is hunting the gods with his god’s weapons!

When Kratos fights the gods, he fights with the weapons of the gods or with godlike weapons.
To stand up to the gods, he agrees to become one of them. In Sparta, Kratos, an ordinary mortal, is cursed with being a god. God of War, this game with great graphics, dynamics, story, and gameplay, is above all a poetic work. God of War Ragnarok, the last game in the series, has been attracting great attention from players from all over the world since its release. It looks like this game will make a name for itself for many years.
You can play the game now via Playstation. We recommend playing God of War Ragnarok on Playstation 5. We hope you have fun during your tremendous time with this game.

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