Epic Games Christmas Free Games 2022

Epic Games, one of the world’s largest game distribution services, announced that it will distribute 15 video games for free under the name of the New Year’s campaign. Popular game distributor Epic Games announced that it will distribute 1 free game every day from December 15 to the New Year. It is among the rumors that surprise and unexpected games are among the games to be distributed. In addition, Epic Games also offered a 25% discount code for game developers.

In fact, this campaign by Epic Games is not a new study. It is known that it previously distributed legendary games such as GTA 5 and Tobm Raider series for free. Epic Games, which distributes a free game every week, is expected to distribute a popular game at the Grand Theft Auto 5 level special for the New Year.


Why is Epic Games giving away free games?

After Steam’s Autumn Special Sale campaign, many games received high interaction and Steam made a lot of profit from this event. Red Dead Redemption 2 has reached more active players than its debut on Steam. The game, which broke its own record, reached 66k active users. In addition to all this, it is thought that Epic Games, which is in the shadow of Steam, had to make a campaign in this way. For this reason, gamers expected popular games from Epic Games for this campaign. Unfortunately, the result can be disappointing for Epic Games as a result of distributing games that do not meet expectations.

Is Epic Game Free?

Epic Games Launcher is of course free. In order to benefit from the free games distributed by the company, you need to download the Launcher and install it on your computer. After downloading the Launcher and completing the installation, you need to open an account with your own information and create your Epic Games account. After creating your account, you can play all Distributed free games by adding them to your library. You can download this Launcher directly from the relevant link. We recommend that you do not trust the files published on the Internet under the name of Epic Games APK!

Epic Games Launcher
Epic Game Launcher

Epic Games 15 Free Games List – Which games will Epic Games distribute for free?

The company, which has not yet released a list of the games that will be fully distributed, may announce the names of the games on the day of the distribution as a surprise, under the name of a surprise study. According to the gamer communities and social media, Epic Games may include Red Dead Redemption 2 in its Christmas Free Games! Among the free games distributed so far, the most popular game was GTA V. According to rumors, if RDR 2 is distributed for free, all eyes can be turned to Epic Games at once.

When will Epic Games release Free Games?

This campaign of Epic Games, which will start on December 15, is expected to continue until January 5, 2023. It is known that not all games will be given at once, but in the form of 1 free game every day.

Epic Games Christmas Campaign – The company will run a campaign exactly as follows for gamers on New Year’s Eve;

  • Discounts all over the world.
  • Free in-game accessories that can be used in online games.
  • 15 free games, 1 to be published every day in 15 days.
  • 25% direct game discount when purchasing games.
Epic Games Christmas Free Games
Free Epic Games List

Games featured for free on Epic Games

Fall Guys
Destiny 2
Rocket League
Genshin Impact
League of Legends
Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis
The Cycle: Frontier
Free Epic Games List

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