Android, Life, Freedom – Is Detroit: Become Human still good?

Is this Single player game released by Quantic Dream on May 25, 2018 and has been making a big splash since its release, is it still one of the best? This game, which can be played on PlayStation 4 and PC, still maintains its popularity with all its mysterious charm. Androids (Robots) have become an inevitable part of human life in this video game set in the near future. We think there are many lessons to be learned from this futuristic story set in 2038. Humans on one side, Androids on the other. Do we have to enslave the one who created us? Detroit: Become Human asks us exactly this question; Can willpower be acquired, or is it an endowed gift of existence?

A Scene From Detroit: Become Human

As the gameplay structure of the game, choices can affect the entire progress of the game. We make choices in the game and direct the characters. This game is like a real-life simulator! Depending on the choices we make, our relationship with the side characters can be affected positively or negatively. In addition, our choices can affect the society, The community or even an entire city.


The existential pangs of the machine – Deviant Androids

One day, an android codenamed rA9 realizes what will means and nothing stays the same. Over time, the same situation occurs in different androids, and this number is increasing. These androids, called Deviants, are considered program error and must be destroyed when spotted. On the Android side, the situation is different. They think they are alive and want to escape human domination. They can love, fear, understand death, grieve, get bored and perceive. For these reasons, they want their freedom, a life without sovereigns.

A Scene From Detroit: Become Human

There are 3 main characters that we manage in the story;

Markus – A revolutionary Deviant Android who wants freedom.

Markus – Detroit Become Human

Markus is a home android who helps an old painter at the beginning of the story. Events take an unexpected turn and Markus is thrown into the android junkyard for destruction. Markus, who somehow managed to get out of here, sets out on a long journey for revenge. The painter who owns Markus treats Markus as a real person, not like other android owners. For this reason, Markus is aware of art, philosophy, sociology and many other human-made concepts. Markus goes to Jericho for the freedom of androids and starts a revolution.

picture drawn by Markus – Detroit Become Human

Connor – Police Deviant

Connor – Detroit Become Human

It was produced to help the police.
It is the latest and most successful android developed by Cyber ​​Life.
There is a chapter in the story with Kamski, the first engineer to create conscious machines. This episode was the best part of the story in our opinion. Connor exhibits deviant behavior, but his goal is not freedom or liberation. Its purpose is to conclude the case investigation completely.

A Scene From Detroit: Become Human

Kara – Is it possible to become a mother without giving birth?

Kara – Detroit Become Human

Kara is one of the most emotional androids in the story. Kara, a home android, has a troubled owner.
She is aware of her owner’s problems and exhibits Deviant situations because of the emotional bond this man has with his daughter. She can’t stand a day when her owner abuses her daughter, and she runs away from home with the girl (Alice) and takes a long journey. Kara, who enters risky situations for the girl without hesitation, displays a tremendous sense of motherhood.

A Scene in Detroit Become Human – Androids vs Polices

Awards Detroit won.

Ping AwardsBest Console Game
Grand Prize
Best Graphics
Golden Joystick AwardsBest Performer
Les étoiles du ParisienBest Video Game
Australian Games AwardsRPG of the Year
NAVGTR AwardsAnimation, Technical
Original Dramatic Score
Use of Sound
SXSW Gaming AwardsExcellence in Narrative
Famitsu AwardsExcellence Prize
Rookie Award
Japan Game AwardsAward for Excellence
Awards Detroit won.

What is Detroit Jericho?

Jericho is an old abandoned ship located in the city of Detroit. Since this ship was abandoned and there were no people living around it, it became the home of escaped androids. The first of our main characters, Markus finds this place and starts a revolution by organizing the fugitive androids here. In the later parts of the game, our other main characters also find their way here. For the first and only time, the 3 main characters are found in the same place in Jericho.

Jericho – Detroit Become Human
Is Detroit still losing population?

Later in the story, a great human exodus from the city begins when androids take over the city. This migration continues in the later parts of the story.
One of our main characters, Kara, goes to Canada by infiltrating the immigrants.
If the game has any sequels, the city can be considered completely abandoned.
Of course, the only thing you should not forget is that everything that will happen will be caused by your choices.

How many endings does Detroit have?

Game is known to have about 85 different finals.
Of course, with the tremendous experiences of the game, you can try them too, and you can feel completely different every time.
detroit game algorithm

What does Detroit mean?

The meaning of Detroit in the game is the name of the city in which the story and characters take place.
Androids do almost all the work for people in Detroit.
This city is one of the most technological cities in the world in the story. Androids in the city do a lot of work, from city cleaning to policing.
For this reason, local people are angry with them for not being able to find jobs and because they think androids are stealing their lives.

Arthur Morgan

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